Email your MP to ask for a reform of Shared Parental Leave

It is increasingly clear that the Shared Parental Leave scheme has failed.

The latest available data suggest that in 2019/20, the fifth year of the scheme, take-up among eligible fathers was just 3.6% – well short of the Government’s stated target of 25%.

This is simply not good enough, if the Government genuinely wishes to tackle the widespread pregnancy and maternity discrimination in UK workplaces, and the persistent Gender Pay Gap, by enabling a societal shift towards more equal parenting.

The Government’s promised Employment Bill – now delayed by at least a year, following its surprising omission from the Queen’s Speech on 11 May – provides a rare and not-to-be missed opportunity to scrap the deeply flawed and chronically failing Shared Parental Leave scheme and replace it with a more effective and more equitable system of maternity and parental leave, based on individual, non‐transferable – that is, ‘use it or lose it’ – rights to better paid leave for each parent. 

You can support us by writing to your local MP to ask them to press the Business Secretary, Kawasi Kwarteng, to urge that reform of Shared Parental Leave be included in the Employment Bill.

It takes just a few minutes to send our model email to your MP. Just click on this link, enter your postcode, and we do the rest.




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