Ask your MP to take action on charging for NHS maternity care

Maternity Action's new report 'Breach of Trust' has found that many NHS Trusts are routinely ignoring or misinterpreting the law on charging overseas women for maternity care, even though the government's own policy says that the most vulnerable should be exempt from paying.

It’s hard to overstate the impact of maternity charging on the health of mothers and their babies.

We regularly hear from women who are too scared to go to antenatal appointments in case they are charged, even if they’re supposed to be exempt.

Maternity Action is seeking changes in the practice of NHS Trusts to reduce the negative impact of charging on migrant women’s access to maternity care.

Together with the Royal College of Midwives, we’ve developed ‘best practice’ guidance to assist NHS Trusts to comply with the law.

And you can help us by asking emailing your MP and asking them to check that their local NHS Trust(s) has adopted and is following this guidance – just click below and fill in your postcode. Please note, this is only if you are in England, as other nations have different rules.

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