Ask your MP to improve the health & safety at work of pregnant women

In March 2020, at the commencement of the Covid pandemic, the Prime Minister and Chief Medical Officer stated that pregnant women should self-isolate.

This was swiftly followed by revised advice that pregnant women should instead be stringent in following social distancing measures. Misleading and changing advice and gaps in official guidance have characterised the Government’s handling of the risks to pregnant women in the pandemic, resulting in widespread confusion about health and safety requirements. This has resulted in many pregnant women wrongly being told to work in unsafe working conditions and women suffering substantial financial loss when taking steps to avoid these risks.


Meeting the specific needs of pregnant women and new parents in the workforce should have been an integral part of the Government’s response to pandemic from the outset, but the Government consistently failed to take account of the needs of this group of workers in their policies. Our new report – Unsafe & Unsupported – highlights the changes that are still needed in terms of legal protections, better enforcement of those protections, and better access to clear, easy to understand advice and guidance for both workers and employers.


You can help us by writing to your local MP to ask them to write to the Prime Minister, to urge him to ensure swift government action to implement our recommendations.

It takes just a few minutes to send our model email to your MP. Just click on this link, enter your postcode, and we do the rest.

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