Ask your MP to support EDM motion 82 in support of Maternity Action's Action Plan to End Pregnancy & Maternity Discrimination at Work

In 2016, research by the Equality & Human Rights Commission, commissioned and funded by BEIS, found disturbingly high levels of pregnancy and maternity discrimination in UK workplaces: 78% of pregnant women and new mothers experience some form of discrimination or negative treatment at work, and 11% – some 50,000 a year – are forced out of their job.

Regrettably, Ministers have yet to take any substantive action to address the EHRC’s research findings and recommendations. And the Government’s persistent failure to pre-empt the gendered impact of the Covid19 pandemic and take preventative or remedial action has been well documented, including in reports by the Petitions Committee in July last year, and by the Women & Equalities Committee in February.

In July 2019, the Government pledged to “establish a Taskforce of employer and family representative groups” to “develop an action plan on what steps Government and other organisations can take to make it easier for pregnant women and new mothers to stay in work.” Had this Taskforce been up and running before the onset of Covid19, some of the gendered impact of the pandemic might well have been avoided.

Maternity Action's Action Plan sets out an agenda of urgently-needed policy reform, for consideration by the Taskforce.

You can support us by writing to your local MP to ask them to support the Early Day Motion 82, in support of Maternity Action's Action Plan to End Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination at Work.

It takes just a few minutes to send our model email to your MP. Just click on this link, enter your postcode, and we do the rest.




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